SoundHealing Workshop

2 days Workshop for sound and vibration enthusiasts.

kr2500  /333  €

This workshop is for those who are ready to be tuned by sound into a higher frequency.

For selfhealing, reconnection and activation.

We wil practice and recieve soundhealing that will tune you back into your original harmonic Frequency.

This includes:

Soundhealing techniques


Calibrating body, mind, spirit.

Sound meditation/Journeys

Toning Circle

Responses from clients:

"I feel my whole body gently vibrating vividly"

" It's like getting massage deep into my cells"

"I'm moved and greatfull. This is the most fantastic and efficient treatment I've ever experienced!!!"

" I've come home"

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1-1 session

Healing session for Tuning/ recalibrating body,mind,spirit.

1 hour                                                        1200kr/ 160€

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