Resonans Alignment

Calibration workshop

2 days  kr2500  /333  €

Level 1.1

Basic healing techniques for yourself and lovedones.

Releasing - Letting go - Align.

In order to raise your frequency, you need to calibrate before speeding up.

This workshop is the first step into raising your frequency and stabilise yourself in the new.

Tools for Stress reducing. Nervous system balancing. Grounding. Connecting. Releasing.

Tuning /calibrating your physical body and your energetic body incl chakras.

Learn to listen In and communicate with your body through its resonans.

Realigning natural source flow and balance.

Connecting to deeper levels of the wisdom of your body and mind.

Attending this workshop requires:

Readyness for change.

Allowing to release and let go of disempowering issues.

Surrendering to your own truth.

Courrage to own and shine your true authenticity.

Set asside your ego and analytic mind to trust your higher intuition and follow the vibration of Sound, energy and inner voice.

Act on your higher guidance.

Meticulously and profoundly stabilise your self at a higher vibration, to bring In more light, joy, peace, freedom, acceptance, happiness, purpose and connection Into your life? This is the future.  

About Trille: Channel of Sound.

Shes established herself as a proff. Singer and vocalcoach for 3 decades now.

Furthermore practising soundhealing and channeling toning for 20 years.

She is certifiend as:

Soundhealer from Chris James School of sacred Sound. Original aboriginees techniques.

Gendai reiki master by Hiroshi Doi.

Hado instructor from Masaru Emoto Office.

MultiDimesional channeler and healer from solara anra.

Parallel to her carreer as a proffessional Singer and vocalcoach, she practice 1-1 healing In her own clinic In cph, gives introductions at international conferences and and Teach workshops In all above.

Trille has 25 years experience in treating 1-1 sessions from Cancer (based on Dr.Rife method) kidneystones, cysts, inflammation, constipation to stress, anxiety, depression, stuckness.





-the frequency of love and light individually as In Big groups.

Weather its 1-1 sessions, teaching workshop, singing at conference or playing concerts, She has devoted herself to raise the frequency for the highest good of all.

Responses from clients:

"I feel my whole body gently vibrating vividly"

" It's like getting massage deep into my cells"

"I'm moved and greatfull. This is the most fantastic and efficient treatment I've ever experienced!!!"

" I've come home"

"Trille creates a safe loving space and is an Amazing teacher"

" I felt one with all for a moment"

"you sang the song of my ancestors"

"I'm connected now"

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